My Bride the New Jerusalem

Behold, I saw the New Jerusalem , the Bride of Christ coming down out of God’s Presence.

It was a visitation like none other that she had ever experienced before.

She was His Bride in white apparel, filled with radiant beauty; a perfect reflection of His Son!

She was covered all around her in splendor, angels were everywhere, the most beautiful sight I have ever seen!

She was filled with His Holiness and glowing with His crown of Glory on her head.

She was like a pearl of great price, precious stones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires; multi-faceted and shining in the light of His Presence in her, on her, and all around her!

She was coming down, down to the earth. Shofars were blowing; the sun, wind and the rain.

A most beautiful rainbow was above her as she descended from out of His Glorious Presence; their Secret Place.

He has made her ready for that Great and final Day; their Wedding day and the Marriage supper of the Lamb.

But first, The Harvest of all times was on His mind…and the final battle and obliteration of all wickedness and evil.

The power of the cross, His death, burial and resurrection in her was necessary to fulfill her destiny on the earth; subduing, conquering and over-coming her enemy[the flesh, the world and the devil]
His Bride now filled with His power and anointed with ability to accomplish all that she was created for, was now ready to “God and Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom
into all of the earth in His Power, and to  go before Kings and Kingdoms with an ultimatum…”surrender or perish, for the kingdoms of this world belong to Our God and His Christ, and He is taking them back out of their hands, so that all prophecy would be fulfilled, and usher in the “Year of Jubilee” and the “end of this age”, and He has come to reign with her {His Warrior Bride} as His final Victorious Exploit of Effulgence and Crowning Crescendohe bride goes forth to meet her bridegroom ! of His Creation!


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